Crime Mapping

Our online crime mapping system is part of continuing efforts by the Abbotsford Police Department to help keep the public informed, to encourage community involvement, and to build the safest city in British Columbia.

We welcome you to use the application and to share your thoughts with us. Questions and comments can be directed to the Public Information Officer.

Abbotsford Online Crime Map
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Presented Crime Data

It's important to note that not all crime types are currently displayed on the map or included in the associated reports because of privacy concerns for victims and their families. Map icons and reports are subject to some change and re-classification through both the review and investigative process. The Abbotsford Police Department discourages users from performing comparative analysis based exclusively on the information provided in this interactive crime mapping system. The system is intended to provide users with an overview of the city’s crime picture, as opposed to a detailed and comprehensive account of it.

Please note Incident data is available for the past six months. Using the advanced search, you may choose to display up to 30 consecutive days' worth of data within those six months.

The following crime types are shown on the map and are updated nightly:

Other Icon Arson Property Crime Icon Property Crime Theft from Vehicle Icon Theft from Vehicle
Breaking & Entering Icon Breaking & Entering Robbery Icon Robbery Theft of Vehicle Icon Theft of Vehicle
Other Icon Kidnapping Theft Icon Theft Vehicle Recovery Icon Vehicle Recovery